Godsmacked cover

November 16, 2012
Publisher: Carpenter's Son Publishing


"Godsmacked" is the world's first Christian Fiction Mashup Novel! It's a mashup of humor, sci-fi/fantasy, pop-culture, Greek mythology, and Christian Inspiration.

Equal parts Douglas Adams, Randy Pausch, "Godspell," and a generous dose of Greek Mythology, “Godsmacked” is a unique fantasy satire that conveys an uplifting, spiritual message about maintaining good Christian character in our challenging, modern world. "Godsmacked" is hip, funny, and culturally relevant, but never preachy. Like a "‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to Mythology’" written by a Christian motivational speaker!


What People Are Saying

"This concise, humorous, book is absolutely splattered with modern cultural references, and amusing interpretations of the gods of Classical Greece, which can’t help but connect with most inhabitants of the English-speaking world. It is hard to go through many lines without finding oneself painting pictures, with all Cicchini’s quick-fire, skimming, mentions. Before long I found myself imagining Cicchini’s crazy chain of eccentric thinking as a cartoon, even though there is not so much as a line drawing anywhere in the book. The whole thing is a little bit Douglas Adams, a little bit Walter Sellar & Robert Yeatman (“1066 And All That”), or Terry Gilliam, or Disney’s “Hercules” and all floating in a Manga world. One may well be reminded of the quirky teacher, who is or was one of the few to inspire you in school; not always quite funny, not always quite to the point, not always quite on your planet, but always engaging and inspirational. This is a book, once started, will almost always be finished and remembered." -Richard L. Bunning for Readers' Choice

"Cicchini mixes commentary on politics, the environment, gender relations, and religion with snappy references to pop culture. From Dr. Who to The Wizard of Oz, from Chia Pet to Fox News, and from Carlos Castaneda to Las Vegas, this novel will keep you engaged with it’s non-stop barrage of corny jokes and snarky barbs. As we follow Charlie’s mad-cap adventure through the underworld, we also learn about some sad events in his past. This combination of real-life pathos and wacky fantasy creates an engaging narrative that entertains while it also inspires." - Amazon Reviewer