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    The Essentialz


    In The Essentialz, four groups of extreme-sports-loving teenagers from different parts of America suddenly find themselves with strange, amazing powers. These teens, who love science as much as they do deep-sea diving, rappelling, and sky diving and racing find that their powers are somehow connected to their passions. These four groups of are completely unaware of each other's existence until they discover the true source of their powers.

    As they learn to harness and develop their gifts, they discover that there are others like them. This news arrives at the same time as the Earth is facing an impending crisis. The race is on: will they be able to find each other, join forces and use their powers to combat the darkening storm that is threatening the very existence of their generation, or will they never overcome their own prejudices, mistrust, and animosity?

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    Young Cyrano



    Before Cyrano de Bergerac became a famous swordsman, poet, inventor, and iconoclast hero, he was an awkward teenager just like the rest of us.
    Follow him on his teenage exploits with his best friend, Le Bret, and his first love, Roxanne. Adventure! Mysteries! Romance! Freemasons! Poetry, and of course, Swordfights!

    “A debut YA novel imagines the school days of one of literature’s most eloquent swordsmen. Cicchini’s
    prose is buoyant and snappy, capturing the spirit of his articulate, quippy protagonist....[R]eaders with no past experience with Cyrano will enjoy his youthful capers and duels. An engaging, swashbuckling tale that doesn’t take itself too seriously.” –Kirkus Reviews

    "Cicchini excels at fitting the tone and dialogue to encompass the personality and charismatic nature of Cyrano by embracing the liveliness of the character and having genuine fun telling the story... Young Cyrano is humorous and charming which makes for an adventurous and fun origin story. Five stars."--Readers Favorite

    "A deftly crafted and original novel that blends such diverse elements as romance and mystery, adventure and poetry, Freemasons and swordfights, Young Cyrano is guaranteed to be an immediate and enduringly popular addition to middle school, high school, and community library YA Fiction collections for ages 12-18."--Midwest Book Review, Children's Bookwatch/Historical Fiction (May 2022)

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    "Godsmacked" is the world's first Christian Fiction Mashup Novel! It's a mashup of humor, sci-fi/fantasy, pop-culture, Greek mythology, and Christian Inspiration.